Sunday, 24 June 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Another six from the story I'm currently working on, Ein:

“I think you are forgetting your place, little one,” Sir growled in my ear.  “Just because you win a game does not mean you may disrespect me.”  I wriggled underneath him, trying to get away.  I succeeded only in grinding back against him.  I whimpered.

“Careful,” he breathed in my ear, “one slip and I could ruin you.” 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Here are six sentences from my newest story, Ein:

“Good, now I can talk to you without your naughty mouth getting you in trouble.”

I subtly eyed his crotch, which was conveniently face level, and thought of other things I’d prefer to do with my naughty mouth.

Sir barked a laugh.  “Eyes on the floor, girl.  You can have that later.”

Smug bastard.